Current Competitions

ACR GCD Sign On For Literacy Prize

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The Sign On For Literacy Prize seeks technology-based innovations to increase access to local sign languages and develop literacy interventions for children who are deaf in low-resource contexts. Winning innovations must be novel, while utilizing technology to make a significant impact upon learning and literacy in the Deaf Community.

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Previous Competitions

ACR GCD Tracking & Tracing Books Prize Competition  

ACR GCD Technology to Support Education in Crisis and Conflict Settings Ideation Challenge

The Tracking and Tracing Books Prize Competition seeks innovations to track books destined for early-grade classrooms and learning centers in low-income countries and allow stakeholders, ranging from parents to Ministries of Education and donor agencies, to quickly and easily access tracking information.  

This Ideation Challenge is looking for technology-supported approaches to provide basic education in one or more of the following crisis or conflict situations: Health Crisis, Natural Disaster, and Conflict Zone. Proposed Solutions should be usable within the first six months after the onset of the crisis or conflict and be usable within the context of a developing country.

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ACR GCD Enabling Writers

Enabling Writers is a $100,000 global prize competition to incentivize the development of software solutions that allow writers to easily create and export decodable and leveled fiction and non-fiction readers in mother tongue languages to help early primary students (ie. grades one to three) learn to read. Submissions are no longer being accepted. 

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